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Hello and Welcome to the official website of the National EMS Pilots Association.

My name is Kurt Williams, I am the current President of the organization. I hope you find this site easy to travel and more importantly useful. We at the National EMS Pilots Associ­ation are striving to be a voice for all EMS pilots. Whether you are a ...
What we do
Formed in 1984, NEMSPA helps EMS helicopter and fixed-wing pilots to keep abreast of current industry issues, thereby contributing to each flight program that has NEMSPA members.

In order to promote issues relevant to the aeromedical industry, NEMSPA ...
- participates in various meetings, seminars and summits
- collaborates with organizations and government entities
- actively supports relevant initiatives and programs
- publishes and contributes to journals, videos, position
  papers and other publications.     ... read more »
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Members of NEMSPA know that their interests are served through the Association's commitment to improve safety, facilitate continuing education, increase communication, and to advance the quality of service of the nationwide Air Medical Transport industry.

Your membership adds your voice and influence to a national association of colleagues which has as its primary purpose the advancement of operational safety and the professional development of pilots flying air medical transport missions.

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Breaking News
Each year the National EMS Pilots Association accepts nominations from the nation’s air medical transport community to recognize an EMS Pilot who stands out in the areas of Professionalism, Technical Knowledge, Leadership and dedication to Safety. We invite anyone in the air medical industry who knows such a pilot to nominate him or her for this special recognition.

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In the May-June issue of the Air Medical Journal NEMSPA General Manager Bill Winn presented a downed-aircraft scenario and challenged the readers to select the items from the crashed plane that would most contribute to the survival and rescue of the surviving air medical crew members. Here is the solution . . .

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Daily News Courtesy of www.HeliHub.com
Source: SmartPilot, 29-Jul-14
Canada’s single source web portal for all things related to flying safely recently celebrated the first anniversary of its launch. By all accounts it is proving that the need and interst for a simple, one stop site for general aviation is very real. SmartPilot.ca continues to grow and refine itself with more new, purpose developed [...]
Source: Kelowna Daily Courier, 29-Jul-14
Jason Remple has two new partners in Stellar Heliskiing  See full story
Source: Carter, 29-Jul-14
Carter Aviation Technologies, LLC (Carter) of Wichita Falls, TX, is pleased to announce that they will showcase their newest, most refined, Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) at the HAI-HELI-CENTER® on the AirVenture grounds Twenty years in the making, Carter’s 2nd generation PAV (PAV-II) is cleaner, greener, and safer than any existing vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) [...]
Source: Aspen Avionics, 29-Jul-14
Aspen Avionics announced today it has expanded its ADS-B product line to include more options to meet the NextGen ADS-B mandate. “Designed to work with what aircraft owners already have in their panels, Aspen’s NextGen ADS-B line-up provides an easy, cost-effective path to meeting the upcoming ADS-B Out mandate, said John Uczekaj, president and CEO, [...]
Source: X-Copter, 29-Jul-14
X-Copter is offering over $7,500 in incentives for the lease or purchase of its next generation helicopter simulator during AirVenture 2014 taking place July 28 - August 3, 2014. The new X-Copter will be on display and ready for demo at AirVenture 2014, located in the HAI HELI-CENTER (Helicopter Association International), helicopter central at the [...]
Source: Airborne, 29-Jul-14
Oceania Aviation’s Part 148 manufacturing division, Airborne Systems, is pleased to announce that it has received NZCAA STC Certification for its AS350 Bike Rack System. The AS355 STC addition is planned for late August 2014. The NZCAA STC will ensure Airborne System’s Bike Rack is available for distribution throughout New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands [...]
Source: Airbus Helicopters, 29-Jul-14
Two specially-equipped EC145 helicopters will be delivered for air ambulance service operations in Moscow according to terms of the state tender for the contract. As recently announced by the Moscow Health Department, following an open tender, Airbus Helicopters Vostok was awarded a contract to supply two medical helicopters for the Health Department’s Scientific and Practical [...]
Source: HeliHub.com, 29-Jul-14
This news item is part of the HeliHub.com “Register Updates” series, listing helicopters which have been added to a particular national register, removed from it or the listed owner has changed. Our coverage represents the majority of registration and owner changes within the global civilian helicopter fleet. Most updates are monthly, although some are less [...]
Source: HeliHub.com, 29-Jul-14
This news item is part of the HeliHub.com “Register Updates” series, listing helicopters which have been added to a particular national register, removed from it or the listed owner has changed. Our coverage represents the majority of registration and owner changes within the global civilian helicopter fleet. Most updates are monthly, although some are less [...]
Source: HAI, 28-Jul-14
The HAI HELI-CENTER at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh opens today! All of us on the HAI staff are excited to welcome members and anyone else who is interested in helicopters. There are half a dozen helicopters on display, including Airbus Helicopters' EC145 with interior by Mercedes Benz, three from Enstrom - one piston, one turbine, and their new design [...]
The tool provides a comprehensive evaluation of any existing helipad.
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In "Flight for Life - A Matter of Life and Death", author Opal Cavit chronicles the challenges faced by one of the earliest helicopter air medical transport programs established in the United States.
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NEMSPA Pilots Survey of America's Heliports Now Available for Review and Download
NEMSPA has completed the intial analysis of the data gathered from a survey of helicopter pilots nationwide. The survey garnered over 1300 responses from helicopter pilots with opinions and suggestions regarding the design and the safety of the heliport facilities that they typically use in their daily flying duties. The detailed results of the survey can be accessed by clicking here.
NEMSPA surveys are Your Opportunity to be heard in high places
We are not insensitive to concerns about being "Surveyed to Death".

So, we want to remind our members and website visitors that NEMSPA surveys, and the survey-links that we host on our web page for other researchers, are selected for their relevance to the safety of air medical transport operations. Surveys designed and conducted by NEMSPA will be clearly identified as such.

From time to time, we will also host a survey link for other researchers when the survey supports our primary goal of enhancing safety and excellence in the air medical transport industry. As a condition of hosting links to such surveys, NEMSPA asks the researchers to share the data with NEMSPA as soon as feasible after the completion of the survey, so that we can share it with our membership and website visitors.

Please share your experience and expertise by participating in these surveys.
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Many feel that it is just a matter of time before Part 135 operators, including air medical transport providers, will be required to implement an FAA compliant Safety Management System. . .
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Contribute to the official Journal of the U.S. Air Medical Transport Community
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Order your OSHA/ANSI-Compliant Warning Signs today.

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The unprecedented decision for this air medical transport provider organization in Aurora, Oregon, to enroll all pilots as members of the National EMS Pilots Association is a Win/Win/Win situation - with benefits for LFN, for NEMSPA, and for the air medical transport industry.
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