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My name Brett Harlow, and I serve as the current President of this organization. I hope you find this site easy to travel and more importantly useful. We at the National EMS Pilots Association are striving to be a voice for all EMS pilots. Whether you are a ...
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Formed in 1984, NEMSPA helps EMS helicopter and fixed-wing pilots to keep abreast of current industry issues, thereby contributing to each flight program that has NEMSPA members.

In order to promote issues relevant to the aeromedical industry, NEMSPA ...
- participates in various meetings, seminars and summits
- collaborates with organizations and government entities
- actively supports relevant initiatives and programs
- publishes and contributes to journals, videos, position
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Members of NEMSPA know that their interests are served through the Association's commitment to improve safety, facilitate continuing education, increase communication, and to advance the quality of service of the nationwide Air Medical Transport industry.

Your membership adds your voice and influence to a national association of colleagues which has as its primary purpose the advancement of operational safety and the professional development of pilots flying air medical transport missions.

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Breaking News
NEMSPA is preparing for the 2nd year of the Air Medical Crew Safety Track (AMCST) classes and Pilot Hall Pass for only $215, to bring pilots and clinicians together to discuss safety.  Read President Miles Dunagan's letter -
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See the US Helicopter Safety Team's latest "30 Seconds for Safety" video clips here:


There are several clips to view.

Happy browsing!
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Daily News Courtesy of www.HeliHub.com
Source: Robinson, 23-Jul-19
On 12 July 2019 Robinson Helicopter Company expanded its FAA/EASA approved Repair Station by opening a stand-alone 37,000 square foot facility dedicated to repairs and overhauls. Completed in approximately 18 months, the facility was designed to streamline the repair, inspection, and overhaul process. As the size of the Robinson fleet (12,000+) grows, the demand for… Read more »
Source: DRF Luftrettung, 23-Jul-19
The helicopter of the DRF Luftrettung of the Greifswald station is the first in Germany to not only carry blood but also plasma in its operations. Together, the DRF Luftrettung and the University Medical Center Greifswald have succeeded in establishing a scientifically proven procedure that enables the rapid transport of blood products by helicopter. This… Read more »
Source: Cornwall Air Ambulance, 23-Jul-19
Cornwall Air Ambulance is set to receive a one-off grant from the Government to help reach more patients in need across Cornwall. The charity has been awarded £1,397,700 following an announcement earlier this year from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, that the Government would be making £10 million available to support the funding of capital… Read more »
Source: Airbus Helicopters, 23-Jul-19
The NH90 Sea Lion successfully completed mission demonstrations for its relevant roles in the German Navy, including SAR missions, in July. Representatives of the Navy and the procurement agency BAAINBw participated in the tests that covered operations using a rescue hoist, checking navy reconnaissance capabilities, and dropping off commandos and Special Forces equipment, including an… Read more »
Source: LCI, 23-Jul-19
Lease Corporation International (LCI),a leading helicopter lessor and the aviation division of the Libra Group, has successfully closed a new asset-backed helicopter facility in excess of US$135 million with a syndicate of five banks led by CIT Group Inc. as agent. The new facility, which has been agreed with CIT, National Westminster Bank Plc, National… Read more »
Source: StandardAero, 23-Jul-19
StandardAero and Robertson Fuel Systems have recently delivered two of their AS350/EC130 crash-resistant fuel tanks (CRFT) to Hangar One Avionics, which will soon be installed on the Oklahoma City Police Department’s (OKCPD) AS350 B3e (H125) helicopters. The OKCPD received budget approval in May 2018 to purchase crashworthy fuel systems for their two AS350 helicopters and… Read more »
Source: DART Aerospce, 22-Jul-19
DART Aerospace is proud to announce that its e-commerce site is now available globally. With over 4,500 products to offer, DART’s comprehensive website allows online purchasing 24 hours a day and seven days a week, making it easier than ever for clients to shop for any of their aircraft parts needs online. The DART Aerospace… Read more »
Source: Life Flight Network, 22-Jul-19
Life Flight Network, the largest not-for-profit air medical transport service in the United States, is partnering with WhidbeyHealth Medical Center to open a new base in Island County, Washington. The base will be operational in late summer 2019. The 24/7 air medical helicopter, pilot and medical crew, will be based on location at WhidbeyHealth Medical… Read more »
Source: USPTO, 22-Jul-19
A method and system for vector limiting of a rotor control volume for a helicopter with one or more controllers configured to issue a displacement command during a flight maneuver and a computer operably connected to the one or more controllers and configured to receive signals with a processor indicative of a displacement command for… Read more »
Source: DRF Luftrettung, 22-Jul-19
The DRF Luftrettung promotes an innovative research project of the University Medical Center Greifswald with 15,000 euros. In order to optimally carry blood products in the rescue helicopter in the future and to be able to use them directly at the place of work, the project will investigate possible effects on the canned goods through… Read more »

October 2, 2018

Pilots! Take 60 seconds to answer a few quick questions.


Please share the survey with your peer air ambulance pilots and any pilots you know who may be looking into joining the industry.

Thank you!
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... brothers and sisters in our eyes.

We both operate in the low level environment, which - as we all know - is becoming more and more crowded. Drones, wires, and MET towers are amongst our common enemies.
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NEMSPA surveys are Your Opportunity to be heard in high places
We are not insensitive to concerns about being "Surveyed to Death".

So, we want to remind our members and website visitors that NEMSPA surveys, and the survey-links that we host on our web page for other researchers, are selected for their relevance to the safety of air medical transport operations. Surveys designed and conducted by NEMSPA will be clearly identified as such.

From time to time, we will also host a survey link for other researchers when the survey supports our primary goal of enhancing safety and excellence in the air medical transport industry. As a condition of hosting links to such surveys, NEMSPA asks the researchers to share the data with NEMSPA as soon as feasible after the completion of the survey, so that we can share it with our membership and website visitors.

Please share your experience and expertise by participating in these surveys.
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EDP protocol is a great risk assessment/mitigation tool. We need to push this ASAP to all companies.
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I enjoyed the article on EDP. Thanks.
JayZee 07/01/2014
Very nice site!
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