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Hello and Welcome to the official website of the National EMS Pilots Association.

My name is Kurt Williams, I am the current President of the organization. I hope you find this site easy to navigate, and more importantly, useful. We at the National EMS Pilots Associ­ation are striving to be a voice for all EMS pilots. Whether you are a ...
What we do
Formed in 1984, NEMSPA helps EMS helicopter and fixed-wing pilots to keep abreast of current industry issues, thereby contributing to each flight program that has NEMSPA members.

In order to promote issues relevant to the aeromedical industry, NEMSPA ...
- participates in various meetings, seminars and summits
- collaborates with organizations and government entities
- actively supports relevant initiatives and programs
- publishes and contributes to journals, videos, position
  papers and other publications.     ... read more »
Why to join us
Members of NEMSPA know that their interests are served through the Association's commitment to improve safety, facilitate continuing education, increase communication, and to advance the quality of service of the nationwide Air Medical Transport industry.

Your membership adds your voice and influence to a national association of colleagues which has as its primary purpose the advancement of operational safety and the professional development of pilots flying air medical transport missions.

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Breaking News
In an effort to more effectively deploy LED lighting technology at airports and heliports, the FAA is seeking input from pilots with their experience with Light Emitting Diode (LED) airport/heliport lighting
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Mike Lamee, assistant chief pilot at Med-Trans was presented the NEMSPA EMS Pilot of the Year Award at the annual Air Medical Transport Conference in Nashville. As a traveling trainer and evaluator of HEMS pilots at air medical programs serviced by Med-Trans, Mike teaches and requires the highest standards of proficiency and safety for pilots ...
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Daily News Courtesy of www.HeliHub.com
Source: Safe Flight, 01-Mar-15
Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. company (NYSE: TXT), announced today its Aeronautical AccessoriesTM brand has been issued new Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for multiple aftermarket product offerings for the Bell 429 and a portable crane for the Bell 407. The Bell 429 expanded offerings include: Helicopter Emergency Egress Lighting System (HEELS), which identifies exits… Read more »
Source: BLR Aerospace, 01-Mar-15
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has certified a performance increase for Bell 206L helicopters equipped with dual tailboom strakes from BLR Aerospace. It is the first time BLR has certified one of its performance-enhancing products for a light helicopter, according to Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dave Marone. The new Flight Manual Supplement certifies… Read more »
Source: VIH Aerospace, 01-Mar-15
VIH Aerospace (VIHA), a leading provider of global helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services (Heli-Expo Booth # 3837) has received a Federal Aviation Administration Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for an aftermarket replacement Master Caution Panel (Model #: MCP01) for the Bell 212 series helicopter (STC#: # SR03503NY). European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approvals are… Read more »
Source: Sikorsky, 01-Mar-15
Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. announced today that the S-76D™ helicopter has entered into search and rescue (SAR) operations with the Japan Coast Guard. Sikorsky Aircraft is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX). Sikorsky executives recently attended a ceremony with representatives from Mitsubishi Corporation and the Japan Coast Guard in which the aircraft entered into… Read more »
Source: Phoenix Heliparts, 01-Mar-15
Phoenix Heliparts today announced the approval of a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that allows installation of the Aspen Avionics Evolution Flight Display System in a range of MD Helicopters. The STC authorizes Phoenix Heliparts to install Aspen’s single- or dual-display Pilot, Pro 1000, Pro 1500 and Pro 2000 systems in MD 369, MD 530F, MD… Read more »
Source: Staco Systems, 01-Mar-15
An aerospace industry staple for more than 50 years, today’s Staco Systems is aggressively working to expand its presence in helicopter cockpits everywhere with custom solutions and smaller, more durable products that are ideally suited for the rotorcraft operating environment. The company will display and discuss its illuminated panels, subsystems, switches, and data entry solutions… Read more »
Source: Donaldson, 01-Mar-15
One hundred years ago, a Utah farmer confronted a salesman with a tractor from his company that put the farmer’s livelihood at risk. It would not run. After an overhaul failed to fix the problem, the Bull Tractor salesman came up with a solution: a filter that blocked dust from the engine and kept that… Read more »
Source: Breeze-Eastern, 01-Mar-15
Breeze Eastern Corporation (NYSE MKT: BZC), the aerospace industry’s only dedicated hoist and winch specialist, is completing initial system development and is on track to flight test and begin qualification on its MissionView™ Situational Awareness System in the next several months. The MissionView System is designed with integrated sensors that wirelessly transmit real-time color video… Read more »
Source: EvoLux, 01-Mar-15
In the Hollywood blockbuster Back to the Future, Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled 30 years into the future, to the year 2015 when flying cars and hoverboards were part of the futuristic lifestyle. While flying cars are still just a dream, and hoverboards are in their infancy, vertical take-off and landing “time-machines,” also known… Read more »
Source: Airbus, 01-Mar-15
Attendees at the HAI (Helicopter Association International) HELI-EXPO 2015, the world’s largest helicopter exposition and trade show, will be among the first to see Papillon Group’s “Golden Helicopter,” created to celebrate the company’s 50th golden anniversary. The show will take place Tuesday, March 3 through Thursday, March 5. This occasion provides a rare opportunity to… Read more »

Order your OSHA/ANSI-Compliant Warning Signs today.

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The tool provides a comprehensive evaluation of any existing helipad.
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NEMSPA surveys are Your Opportunity to be heard in high places
We are not insensitive to concerns about being "Surveyed to Death".

So, we want to remind our members and website visitors that NEMSPA surveys, and the survey-links that we host on our web page for other researchers, are selected for their relevance to the safety of air medical transport operations. Surveys designed and conducted by NEMSPA will be clearly identified as such.

From time to time, we will also host a survey link for other researchers when the survey supports our primary goal of enhancing safety and excellence in the air medical transport industry. As a condition of hosting links to such surveys, NEMSPA asks the researchers to share the data with NEMSPA as soon as feasible after the completion of the survey, so that we can share it with our membership and website visitors.

Please share your experience and expertise by participating in these surveys.
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In "Flight for Life - A Matter of Life and Death", author Opal Cavit chronicles the challenges faced by one of the earliest helicopter air medical transport programs established in the United States.
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Ever wished you could get Lat / Long coordi­­nates right from the center of a Google® map?

Wish no more – it's here!
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Lost Air Medical Transport Crews are never forgotten - help their memory live on by donating to MedEvac Foundation International TODAY!
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Every year, hundreds of thousands of air medical missions are flown in the United States. Sadly, these crews do not always return.
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