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Formed in 1984, NEMSPA helps EMS helicopter and fixed-wing pilots to keep abreast of current industry issues, thereby contributing to each flight program that has NEMSPA members.

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Members of NEMSPA know that their interests are served through the Association's commitment to improve safety, facilitate continuing education, increase communication, and to advance the quality of service of the nationwide Air Medical Transport industry.

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Daily News Courtesy of www.HeliHub.com
Source: HeliHub.com, 27-Sep-16
The first Sikorsky S76D helicopter has arrived in Europe and is currently engaged in pilot training.  Registered in the tax-efficient Isle of Man, the aircraft is likely destined for a corporate operation but the end customer has not been announced.  The aircraft was shipped through Southampton docks into the UK, and is now flying from… Read more »
Source: Cotswold, 27-Sep-16
The 24th Guimbal G2 Cabri delivered via British distributor Cotswold Helicopter Centre has arrived in the UK in the last week.  Serial 1164 as been delivered to HeliGroup at Wycombe Air Park, their second example of the type – a fleet expansion due to the high utilisation of their first G2. The helicopter – finished… Read more »
Source: HeliHub.com, 27-Sep-16
On September 12th, The Helicopter Line’s Squirrel AS350 crashed on Mt Sale, NZ, while trying to land in snow. The aircraft carried five passenger, four of which were unhurt while Mitchell Green needed surgery on his leg. The crash was the fourth one for the Helicopter Line in the past three years, reports Stuff, and… Read more »
Source: HeliHub.com, 27-Sep-16
This news item is part of the HeliHub.com “Register Updates” series, listing helicopters which have been added to a particular national register, removed from it or the listed owner has changed. Our coverage represents the majority of registration and owner changes within the global civilian helicopter fleet. Most updates are monthly, although some are less… Read more »
Source: HeliHub.com, 26-Sep-16
HeliAir Sweden has recently procured a second EC120B helicopter. The EC120B will be used to help with power line inspections, fire-fighting and collapsing trees. As reported by Eban Magazine. HeliAir Sweden are also going to sell their three MD500s, and demonstration flights were made last week to initial interested parties. Their fleet currently holds three… Read more »
Source: HeliHub.com, 26-Sep-16
The Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstration (JMR-TD) will see its first planned flight in 2017 as the two rotorcraft that are currently being built by Sikorsky and Boeing and Bell Helicopters, are well on track. The JMR-TD is an Army project that aims to create advanced vertical-flight designs. Such designs could help replace the Army’s Sikorsky… Read more »
Source: HeliHub.com, 26-Sep-16
Plans for the expansion and modernization or the Santo Domingo Heliport have been completed. The heliport will be able to receive 6 helicopters and will be operational 24 hours a day, all week. The heliport will provide access to medical treatment to people across the country and the islands near the Dominican Republic, reports Dominican… Read more »
Source: Australian Navy, 26-Sep-16
HMAS Perth and its embarked MH-60R helicopter supported a search and rescue off the coast of Seychelles on 14 August. Two survivors were located by Perth’s MH-60R helicopter, call sign ‘Hellcat’, and were recovered by a civilian yacht. The support provided to the rescue mission marked the first occasion that an Australian Navy MH-60R whilst on an operational deployment has been used in such… Read more »
Source: Australian Navy, 26-Sep-16
It was up, up and away for the EC-135T2 helicopter, the latest aircraft to be acquired by the Royal Australian Navy and Australian Army as part of the new Helicopter Aircrew Training System (HATS). The first aircraft lifted off from HMAS Albatross yesterday with the first tranche of Flying Instructors from the Royal Australian Navy, Australian Army… Read more »
Source: The Great North Air Ambulance Service, 26-Sep-16
The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) has applied for £1.9m of funding to create a centre of medical excellence in the North-East. Several sites in the Darlington and Tees Valley area are under consideration for the new base, which would bring the charity’s operational crew and its fundraising and administrative staff under one roof…. Read more »

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NEMSPA surveys are Your Opportunity to be heard in high places
We are not insensitive to concerns about being "Surveyed to Death".

So, we want to remind our members and website visitors that NEMSPA surveys, and the survey-links that we host on our web page for other researchers, are selected for their relevance to the safety of air medical transport operations. Surveys designed and conducted by NEMSPA will be clearly identified as such.

From time to time, we will also host a survey link for other researchers when the survey supports our primary goal of enhancing safety and excellence in the air medical transport industry. As a condition of hosting links to such surveys, NEMSPA asks the researchers to share the data with NEMSPA as soon as feasible after the completion of the survey, so that we can share it with our membership and website visitors.

Please share your experience and expertise by participating in these surveys.
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Every year, hundreds of thousands of air medical missions are flown in the United States. Sadly, these crews do not always return.
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EDP protocol is a great risk assessment/mitigation tool. We need to push this ASAP to all companies.
CW3 GM 08/10/2015
I enjoyed the article on EDP. Thanks.
JayZee 07/01/2014
Very nice site!
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