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View or download videos and documents created by or sponsored by NEMSPA.  

Links to other industry organizations, publications, and safety resources.

Industry Links

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
Flight Safety Foundation
IHSF - International Helicopter Safety Foundation
International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST)
NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NSC - National Safety Council
NTSB - National Transportation Safety Board



The FlightBridgeED Podcast

Culture vs. Risk w/ Miles Dunagan

Join Eric and Miles Dunagan, President of the National Pilots Association at AMTC ELEVATE 2022, to discuss Just Culture, safety, risk, past air medical accidents, and much more.


Rotary Wing Show - Interviews from the Helicopter Industry - Mick Cullen

RWS 105 – Enroute Decision Point with Miles Dunagan

Enroute Decision Point is a tool that you can use to shift your mindset into a deliberate decision making mode when you find yourself in deteriorating conditions.


Aviation jobs

NEMSPA has partnered with JSfirm to provide job postings