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Someone you know deserves to be recognized! 2021 Pilot Award Nominations

It’s time to nominate a deserving pilot for NEMSPA's 2021 Pilot of the Year award or Lifetime Achievement award.

Nominate an amazing pilot you love working with and tell us what you admire about their professionalism, how they strive for safe operations, and lift others up to cultivate a healthy team environment.

Please share the nomination link with your programs, flight crews, friends in other programs... let's get the word out to honor 2 very special pilots who deserve recognition for going above and beyond every day!

Nominations can be submitted by any air medical crew member: medical, management, communications, mechanics, pilots, etc.

Awards presented to winners at AMTC Shift October 31-Nov 2 2021 in Ft Worth Texas.

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National EMS Pilots Association

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