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National EMS Pilot Association Soars into 40 Years of Serving the Skies and Saving Lives

[Anaheim, CA] – [Feb 26, 2024] – Today, the National EMS Pilot Association (NEMSPA) proudly celebrates its 40th anniversary, marking four decades of dedication to advancing the professionalism, safety, and advocacy of Air Medical Pilots nationwide. Founded in 1984, NEMSPA has played a pivotal role in shaping the Air Medical Transport industry, championing excellence and ensuring the highest standards of patient care for communities across the United States.

A Legacy of Leadership and Innovation:

Throughout its 40-year journey, NEMSPA has spearheaded numerous initiatives that have significantly impacted the Air Medical Transport industry:

  • Advocacy: NEMSPA has consistently advocated for pilots' rights and safety, influencing industry regulations and promoting pilot well-being.

  • Education: The association provides comprehensive training and educational resources, empowering pilots with the knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional patient care.

  • Collaboration: NEMSPA fosters collaboration with key stakeholders, including government agencies, healthcare providers, and industry partners, to drive positive change and improve patient outcomes.

  • Safety: The association remains dedicated to promoting safety initiatives and best practices, contributing to a safer and more efficient Air Medical Transport system.

Celebrating Milestones, Embracing the Future:

As NEMSPA celebrates its 40th anniversary, the association recognizes the countless individuals who have contributed to its success. From dedicated pilots and industry leaders to passionate volunteers and supportive partners, NEMSPA's achievements are a testament to collective effort and shared commitment.

Looking ahead, NEMSPA remains focused on its mission: to be the leading voice for Air Medical Pilots, advocating for their interests, supporting their professional development, and promoting the highest standards of patient care. The association embraces new technologies, emerging trends, and evolving challenges, continuously working to ensure the future of Air Medical Transport remains safe, efficient, and patient-centered.

Join Us in Celebration:

NEMSPA invites the Air Medical Transport community and all supporters to join in its 40th-anniversary celebration. Throughout the year, the association will host various events and initiatives to commemorate its achievements and engage with stakeholders.


  • NEMSPA President, Brett Reeder highlights, "We invite you to join the fight & get involved. We have a hopeful future 

  • Embracing Innovation: NEMSPA stays ahead of the curve, embracing new technologies like drones and autonomous flight while ensuring pilot integration and safety.

  • Advocating for the Evolving Industry:NEMSPA anticipates and addresses emerging challenges like workforce shortages and evolving regulations, protecting pilots' interests and patient care standards.

  • Leading the Conversation: NEMSPA continues to be a thought leader,participating in critical discussions and shaping the future of Air Medical Transport through research and collaboration.”

About the National EMS Pilot Association:

The National EMS Pilot Association (NEMSPA) is the only national association dedicated solely to Air Medical Pilots. Founded in 1984, NEMSPA represents pilots from all segments of the Air Medical Transport industry, advocating for their professional development, safety, and well-being. The association strives to ensure the highest standards of patient care through education, collaboration, and advocacy. We invite you to join us at Heli Expo 2024 and visit us in the Safety Zone booth #9500


For media inquiries contact Brett Reeder, President.

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National EMS Pilots Association

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