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NEMSPA & ECHO Team up!

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

We believe in order to advocate for positive change we must connect with like-minded groups and individuals. We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with ECHO HeliOps in order to share our message. Everyone Goes Home must be the goal for every operation. In order to do that, NEMSPA and ECHO will work tirelessly to provide access to information and tools needed to produce safe conclusions of flights.

NEMSPA believes in removing silos; sharing information to save lives. How do we do that? Through cooperation with other organizations who share our same values, like ECHO. NEMSPA introduced the Air Medical Crew Safety Track a few years ago, bringing pilots and clinicians together to talk safety and we will continue to grow this program in collaboration with ECHO.

We encourage all NEMSPA members and followers to visit the ECHO website and social media pages, specifically their ECHO Pilot Lounge.

We will be collaborating with ECHO in many ways including:

• Creating education classes for upcoming ECHO conferences

• Contributing to and being active voices in their aviation segment

• Creating aviation centric content for their Rotor Wash podcast program

• Volunteering in the Flight-crew Assistance & Support Team (FAST)

• ECHO wants to hear from EMS pilots, wants pilots to teach classes, to share experiences, and be included in discussions with all crew members

These are shared goals between NEMSPA and ECHO and we believe that we can accomplish more by working together, more effectively delivering on our organizational goals to:

• Continue to improve safety as our #1 priority

• Aggressively advocate on issues important to EMS pilots

• Provide programs and services for the education of pilots

• Provide the best and safest possible air medical services for our communities

Welcome, ECHO pilots and community!

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