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Olaf Holm- NEMSPA Pilot of the Year

The National EMS Pilots Association (NEMSPA) has selected Olaf Holm of Life Flight Network as 2023 Pilot of the Year.

“Olaf was chosen as the nominee who best fits the characteristics of Pilot of the Year – someone who goes the extra mile, does what’s right, continuously prioritizes safety, and works hard to get you home at the end of your shift,” said Brett Reeder, president of NEMSPA.

Olaf has over 30 years of aviation experience including military, commercial, and EMS. He operates with the highest levels of professionalism and kindness, actively gives back to his community, and continuously seeks out knowledge and improvement.

Olaf’s acts of kindness are numerous. He participates in the organization of missions that provide clothing to orphanages in Afghanistan. He is a mentor to teens who are interested in becoming pilots. And recently, Olaf has earned local notoriety for buying stuffed Olaf dolls with his own money (from the Disney movie ‘Frozen’) and presenting them to young patients and families to provide comfort in a time of stress. “Over the last 3 years, he has handed out over 150 Olaf dolls to our patients, making a profound impact through small acts of kindness and compassion,” said Casey Seckel, chief clinical officer for Life Flight Network.

The award will be presented to Olaf on Monday, October 23, 17:30, at the NEMSPA booth #1816 during the Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) in Columbus, Ohio and shared later on our social media channels.

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