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William T Winn Lifetime Achievement Award to Matt Johnson

The National EMS Pilots Association (NEMSPA) announced the selection of Matt Johnson (Metro Aviation) as 2023 William T. Winn Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

Matt was selected to recognize his willingness to cultivate an environment of safety through sharing his experiences, mentoring his peers, and passing on lessons learned,” said Brett Reeder, President, NEMSPA.

Matt has a total of 20 years, 13 years in EMS. “Matt is the epitome of professionalism… well respected aviator, educator, and leader in the industry.” Check airman for Metro Aviation, FAA Gold Seal Helicopter CFI, DPE and featured write for Rotor Pro Magazine and involved in much more. Matt also focuses on spending time and “trains medical crewmembers while on shift with him to review safety protocols and standard operating procedures using scenarios to further reinforce these procedures.” -Ruda Jenkins, Director of UC Health Air Care and Mobil Care

Matt has benefited the aviation community by being directly involved with the betterment of features in Foreflight, HEMS tool and implementation of ICARUS into his companies training.

“Matt is a leader within Metro and within our industry. He constantly pushes for new initiatives to make HEMS safer and often takes on new projects and roles to help propel us all forward. His commitment and dedication to vertical flight is second to none, and we are honored he’s part of our Metro family.” -Todd Stanberry, Vice President.

He is known to say “My job is to get each of you home to your family and loved ones at the end of each day.”

The award will be presented to Matt on Monday, October 23, 17:30, at the NEMSPA booth #1816 during the Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) in Columbus, Ohio and shared later on our social media channels.

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